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Performance Oriented Digital Marketing House in UAE

About Us

Who we are
House of Pandas Passionately Rooted in Digital.

We help our clients grow their businesses with a strong online presence and a digital strategy in place. We specialize in Paid Search, Display, Social Ads, SEO, and Digital Strategy.

Our Mission
Making marketing easy and simple for businesses. PandaMinds.

Our mission is to restructure the marketing sector through online presence building and creative strategies that will help businesses, brands, and products grow from scratch on the world wide web.

Our Vision
We will cause the "Panda-monium" for the brand that you seek

We envision a marketing system backed by the latest digital marketing tools and techniques to use and help businesses manage and market their brands and products like never before!

Our Story

Get to know us before we bear your brand’s responsibility!
PandaMinds is more than simply a platform; it’s a long-awaited dream come true.

The seeds for PandaMinds were sown a couple of years back when our chief Pandas started immersing themselves in the world of marketing. They helped shoot multiple brands from the scratch and slowly figured out the gaps in the marketing space - the lack of creativity!

PandaMinds was formed with the need to make digital marketing the new norm - the chosen one to help all businesses grow.

PandaMinds is all about warmly hugging the power of digital marketing to solve company marketing problems and educate businesses about the value of having an online presence. And now, the Panda House is live and in action!

Our Values

At PandaMinds we believe in
Helping brands define clear goals
Building result-oriented strategies
Catering to clients’ all requirements
Employing creativity everywhere
We thrive to help your business in the digital space by providing all the essentials it needs to not just survive but grow rapidly in today’s digital era. We choose to do that by discarding the age-old marketing methods and bringing in new ideas and strategies that will make your brand grow as quickly as bamboo

Meet Our
Creative Minds.

James Nathanael

Co-Founder, Operations Head

James Nathanael

Operations Head

Chief Panda James Nathanael makes sure that all bamboos are distributed evenly among the pandas and our clients get our full energy. He is beary efficient in making things happen, no matter how wild things may seem.
James Selvaraj

Co-Founder, Business Development Head

James Selvaraj

Business Development Head

Chief Panda James Selvaraj brings the seeds to the jungle. He collects, nurtures, and seeds clients so that the rest of the family always has businesses to help. He is the communication bear in the team.
Matthew Paul

Digital Marketing Head​

Chief Panda Matthew Paul ensures that the bamboo shoots are as delicious as it gets. He knows the growth strategies and recipes and teaches them effortlessly to all the other pandas. If there’s a person who can help your business grow online- it’s him!
Matthew Paul

Co-Founder, Digital Marketing Head

Raji Karthik

Website Developer

Website Panda Raji ensures and knows the how to create and structure website according to the client needs. And teaches them effortlessly to all the other pandas. If there’s a person who can build a astonishing website – it’s her!
Raji Karthik

Website Developer


Client Account Manager


Client Account Manager

Client Account Manager Panda Prahar gets the word out! She serves as a bridge and also experiments with new growth strategies that will help your Brand launch off the ground!
Mohammed Hali

Senior Graphic Designer

Mohammed Hali

Senior Graphic Designer

Senior Graphic Designer Panda Hali brings our vision to life through his splendid designs. From Branding to social media posts he knows the recipe to make the creatives stand out. If there is a person who knows the best colors and designs for your business it’s him!

Digital Marketing Executive

Digital Marketing Executive Hari Priya knows the Surefire Ways To raise the stakes Of your Brand. She ensures your Brand tops the google chart by optimizing the keywords and analyzing the trends! She gets your web presence to the top!

Digital Marketing Executive

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